Our Services

  • Validation of European patents
  • Nationalization of PCT applications before national offices
  • Direct filing of applications before national offices
  • Nationalization of PCT applications in CIS
  • Trademark applications before national offices
  • Trademark oppositions and appeals
  • Design applications before national offices
  • Design oppositions and appeals

Regionalization/ Nationalization of PCT applications

The overall costs and work burden of national or regional phases can be extremely high and their preparation process requires depth knowledge and expertise of local legal requirements. You will need to allocate staff and spend time first to find a competent local agent then to negotiate costs of service and translation, check conflict of interests etc.

ADRES INT’s streamlined solutions simplify and expedite the process through our network of dedicated partners in worldwide jurisdictions and pave the way for saving you time and money.

Validation of European patents

ADRES INT delivers a blue chip, cost-effective solutions for validating granted European patents in all EPO member states. We simplify the EP validation process and make a significant contribution to reduce the administrative, translation and agency charges.

As soon as the European patent has been granted, our team will validate your patent in your designated countries. We look after the entire validation process, from translations and coordinating all fee payments and paperwork. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team supervises every stage of the process ensuring that all national requirements are completed precisely and by the deadline.

We make it simple and time saving for you with our seamless and user friendly calculation tool. All you need to do is just a few clicks on.